We offer plans that fit all stages of your financial life.

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Comprehensive Planning

A service designed for people who want their financial house in order and would like to start proactively planning for their financial future.

You Will Receive:

  • A financial plan with a roadmap that includes a net worth statement, debt payoff plan, and savings projections
  • The plan includes recommendations in the following areas: cash-flow, insurance, debt repayment, investments, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning
  • Recommendations on products and services that fit your financial needs
  • Access to subject matter experts such as CPA's, insurance agents, and estate planning attorneys*

What's Included?

  • One 90-min intake session in-person (Walnut Creek office) or via video conference
  • One 90-min session to discuss and deliver your comprehensive and actionable personal  plan
  • Assistance & guidance in implementing the financial plan
  • A Personal Online Wealth Portal for tracking your cash flow, assets, and investments
  • One personalized 60-min coaching and progress-check sessions (via phone or video call) every four months
  • Update and modify your plan 3 times per year plus unlimited email or phone support for questions that arise throughout the year.
  • Monitoring of your plan

Financial Areas Addressed

Here are some brief examples of what your comprehensive financial plan might address:

Cash Flow & Budgeting

  • Are you spending less than you earn and
    able to set money aside for your goals?
  • How can you shift your expenses so
    you can fund the things that matter most?

Income Planning

  • How can you make enough to support your goals?

Tax Planning/Employee Benefits

  • How can you keep more of what you earn and minimize unnecessary taxes?

Debt Management

  • How quickly can you become debt-free?
  • Which debts to pay off, refinance, or prioritize?


  • Should you invest now, in what assets, and how much?
  • Does your investment strategy match your
    goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance?

Risk Management (Protection)

  • Are you and your assets adequately protected against negative events?

Estate Planning

  • Do you have a plan for when you are unable to make decisions for yourself or your loved ones?

Comprehensive Planning Program Fees

We believe income is a reasonable proxy for complexity when it comes to financial planning.  Therefore, our pricing is based on the pre-tax income of our clients.

Your Pre-Tax Annual Income  One-time Upfront Fee  Fee
Up to $149k                                    $597             $2,200
$150kto $199k                                     $597             $2,500
$200k to $249k                                     $697             $3,000
$250k to $299K                                     $697             $3,500
$300k to $349k                                     $797             $4,000
$350k to $399K                                      $797             $4,500
$400k to $499k                                     $897             $5,700
$500k to $599k                                     $897             $6,800
Over $600K                                     $997


Fee schedule as of 8-11-22. Fee subject to change without notice. Does not include investment management fees.