The Cornerstone of your entire financial house is cash flow.”      

The Cornerstone Option is designed to help our clients build a solid foundation upon which their long-term wealth will be based.  Converting earned income into wealth is not easy and requires discipline and smart financial decision. While cash-flow planning, budgeting, and establishing an emergency fund might seem basic, they are the cornerstone of a great financial plan.  Cornerstone – $1499

Is this Option right for you?

This Option might be ideal for “beginners” to financial planning, those without dependents, those feeling overwhelmed by their expenses and/or debt, or those who aren't generating enough income to invest outside of their employer retirement plans.

You Will Receive:

? A Snap-Shot financial plan with a road map that includes a net-worth statement, budget proposal, debt payoff plan, and a savings plan

? Review of your consumer debt, credit report, and score

? Review of employer benefit offerings

? Customized debt-payoff spreadsheet

? Assistance in the set-up of automated savings, and payoffs

? Written recommendation on how to re-balance cash flow to align with priorities and goals

What's Included?

? One 60-min intake session in-person (Walnut Creek office) or via video conference

? One 60-min plan delivery session in-person (Walnut Creek office) or via video conference

? Three 60-min check-in meetings via phone or video conference (expires 12 months from inception)

The Cornerstone Option does not include asset allocation, risk profiling, or investment planning. We believe it is prudent to only provide investment advice to clients whose entire financial picture we understand. For this reason, investment advice is only available with our comprehensive packages.