Your Values and Goals Drive Everything We Do

Unlike most financial advisors, who are basically investment and insurance guys, we are financial planners who specialize in making “someday” actually happen. We are driven by your most deeply held values and your most important goals.  Each new engagement begins with a discussion about the importance of money from your perspective.  This discussion allows us to really know what drives you.  We also spend a great deal of time discussing your goals in a way that involves more detail than you probably have ever experienced.

Our process focuses on your entire household balance sheet; not just your investment assets.  We take into account your Social Capital, Human Capital, and Financial Capital when undertaking our retirement diagnostic work and other financial planning we do for you.

Subject Matter Experts Collaborating for Your Benefit

Our process is checkpoint driven; so we don't miss a thing.  All recommendations are considered in relationship to each other and in consideration of how they impact all areas of your financial plan.  We will work with your existing advisers and hold them accountable to delivering the highest level of service possible.

Periodic Meetings Aid Smart Decision Making

For our Comprehensive Planning options, we require three in-person or web-based meetings per year. If married, both spouses are asked to attend.   We have found regular periodic meetings:

  • Keep you perfectly informed on the progress of your goals.
  • Allows us to communicate regarding needed changes or adjustments in your financial plan.
  • Give you a greater level of confidence in reaching your goals because you know what's going on as a result of two or three one-hour, face-to-face meetings every year.
  • Allows your financial questions, issues, and concerns to be regularly discussed and addressed.
  • Lead to better and smarter financial decisions.  Smart financial decisions lead to financial success and more spendable income during retirement.

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