Can You Retire When You Want and in the Way You Want?

If you don't know the answer to this question, you're not alone.  This may not be the only question you have about retirement.  How about these:

  • Will my money run out?
  • Is my pension going to be enough?
  • How should I manage my money differently once I retire?
  • What are the “potholes” I should be aware of during retirement?
  • Can my current advisor really help me transition into retirement?

A Keen Focus on Retirement Income

Being a Certified Retirement Management Analyst (RMA®)  gives us a unique perspective on what really matters to people facing retirement.

In retirement what matters most is whether you have the cash (or assets that can be converted to cash) to spend on the lifestyle you want.  First and foremost,  will you have the money needed for basic expenses such as food, housing, clothing, and health care?  Second, is there enough money for the discretionary spending you desire.  The sooner you determine whether or not you are on track the better because there are a variety of strategies, when combined over time, can get you on track if you are not.

We take into consideration more than your current retirement savings.  In addition to considering your financial capital, we consider your human capital and your social capital.  Your liabilities and risk exposure are analyzed differently in relation to retirement income planning versus general investment planning and retirement savings; we focus on risk capacity as opposed to risk tolerance.

We work with pre-retirees and retirees who desire to have a reasonably stable retirement income they can count on.  They are focused on safety first and look for upside growth and lifestyle enhancement once all their basic living expenses are reasonably secure.

Unfamiliar with RMA Certification?  Click here to learn more: The Value of an RMA Certified Advisor

Our Retirement Diagnostic Assessment will answer these questions and many others.  In fact, our process addresses over 86 important issues impacting retirement income.  This will allow us to guide you toward the best possible retirement given your current circumstances and the time you have to implement recommended strategies.  Retirement Diagnostic Assessment – Starting at $3000.00

Smart Financial Planning Decisions Lead to More Income


Once the diagnosis is complete, we offer Retirement Income Planning that monitors and adjust your retirement income plan annually along the way.

We focus on six key planning services that have been shown to increase overall lifetime spendable income during retirement.  These areas include:

  1.  Asset Allocation based on Total Wealth
  2. Dynamic Safe Withdrawal Rate Strategies
  3. Guaranteed Retirement Income Products
  4. Tax-efficient Planning
  5. Asset/Liability Matching
  6. Social Security Elections

Retirement Income Planning – Starting at $3000.00


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