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Let Our  Registered Tax Preparers Handle Your Taxes

Each year hundreds of tax laws change.  Are you keeping up with them?  Do you even want to keep up with them?  You have better things to do!  Let us take the burden away from you.  We are trained to prepare individual federal and state tax returns.  Each year our preparers are required to complete a minimum 20 hours  of continuing education in the areas of Federal and California tax regulations.   When you combine the efficiency of using our financial planning and tax services you'll save time, effort, and money.  By using our online spending and budgeting tools, all of your tax data will be ready each year when time time rolls around.  Why choose us? Just a few reasons:

  • State and Federal Tax Prep
  • Electronic filing
  • Online Wealth Portal allowing you to have all your financial information in one secure place
  • Personalized Online Electronic Document Vault*
  • Audit Representation
  • Year Round Assistance

For Pre-Retirees and Retirees: Tax-Bracket Planning

Tax-bracket planning is the annual process of projecting your year-by-year taxable income and determining if changes can be made that will have the effect of lowering taxes for the upcoming year and/or throughout the coming years of your retirement plan.  The goal is to identify planning opportunities that may increase your after-tax retirement income.

No one knows where tax rates will be over the course of your retirement, but with diligent, annual, tax-bracket planning, we can minimize the impact of taxes, and thus increase the total potential income you may withdraw over your  life expectancy.

Tax-bracket planning should start years before your retirement begins by creating a multiple year tax projection that estimates your future taxable income and deductions based on all aspects of your household balance sheet.

Many clients will benefit from building a balance of assets in after-tax, tax-deductible and tax-free accounts. This gives them the ability to adjust distributions, taking more or less income from certain types of accounts from year-to-year, allowing them to plan for changing tax environments during their retirement income years.

As you enter retirement, the relationship between your total income, sources of income, how that income is taxed, and the amount of itemized deductions you can claim, will have a significant impact on how long your funds may potentially last.

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